What is Mediation?

What is Mediation? Reading

What is Mediation?

What is Mediation? Reading
What is Mediation? Reading

Mediation for clients in Reading

Family mediation is a way of resolving disputes which arise before, during or after separation or divorce. It can also be helpful to avoid problems arising.

Mediation is voluntary and is a confidential process which gives you both the chance to discuss your issues, hopes, concerns and needs with each other, in the presence of a qualified family mediator.

Family mediation provides a safe environment, helping to reduce hostility and improve the chances of long-term positive communication. The family mediator does not advise people what to do, give them legal advice, take sides or provide counselling.

Children 1st Mediation Services
Children 1st Mediation Services

The Mediation Process

What is Mediation? Reading

What happens on the day?

Our Mediators understand that it is not an easy meeting and some of the feelings that you might be going through, for example it is normal for you to feel worried or anxious about what might happen.

The family mediation process involves you working together with the mediator. They will make sure that you each have the chance to put across your point of view and the things that you wish to discuss.

The mediator will help you to hear from one another about the key issues and then explore the options with you both. The mediator will assist you in checking how practical your proposals are, guiding you to reach acceptable and workable solution that works for both of you. Any outcome you reach is entirely under your control.

What does Mediation cost?

Before the MIAM the admin team will speak to you to find out if you may be eligible for Legal Aid, if you or your ex-partner is eligible then this meeting will be FREE for you, otherwise the MIAM will be £115.

Depending on the experience of the Mediator the fees range from;

1 Hour 1hr 30mins 1hr 45mins 2hours
Consultant Mediator £144 £216 £252 £288
Practice Director £156 £234 £273 £312

All fees are per person and inclusive of VAT.

If you require the mediator to provide you with a written summary of proposals or an open financial statement these will be charged in addition to the fees above. The mediator can explain these fees to you at the MIAM or in the mediation.

If you are a mediating about child arrangements a one off voucher can be applied for which will pay up to £500 towards the time in joint mediation meetings. Click here for more details.

What is Mediation? Reading

What Happens after Mediation?

For Children only cases the mediator will upon request provide a summary letter detailing any agreements reached. If you require a parenting plan drafted this will be discussed with you at the mediation appointment.

Following the last financial cases the Mediator will produce an open financial statement that will be used as your financial disclosure in any divorce proceedings. This document is open and will need to be signed by each of you. The Mediator will also draft a Memorandum of Understanding or Summary letter depending on your needs, setting out any proposals/agreements reached during the mediation

If we produce a Summary letter, Open Financial Statement, Outcome Statement, Summary letter or Memorandum of Understanding at the end of a session or upon conclusion of your mediation the is a cost. Each document is charged at £120 per person (inc VAT).

Some of our Reviews

What is Mediation? Reading

Mediation Wimbledon

Our head office is located in Plymouth, but we have trained and qualified mediators working remotely across the country. Most of our mediation is done online now, usually on Zoom. However, we do occasionally do face-to-face mediation when the need arises. We are regularly dealing with clients from Reading and surrounding areas.

Over 90% of our mediation’s lead to an outcome that both people are positive about, which makes us one of the most successful mediation services in England. This means that both of you have found a settlement that you can both live with, which avoids the need for court intervention, which no one wants. All of our mediators are accredited with the Ministry of Justice to undertake Family Mediation in both financial and Children’s issues so you can be confident your in safe hands.