During this stressful time as COVID-19 affects all of our lives, we can assure you that we are sill able to support you and your family by offering online Mediation, as well as provide c100’s or Form A’s when necessary.

Appointments online using phone, Mobile, Computer or Ipad or tablet device


You will first need to attend a MIAM (Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting) meeting with a registered Family Mediator. The mediators job is to find out about the situation. As a result they will be able to decide with you if Mediation might help. MIAM’s can take place via video FaceTime, WhatsApp and Zoom.

if you are considering making a court application you must attend a MIAM with a registered Mediator first. (Except for exceptional circumstances). The Law recognises that mediation is a better way forward for most families. Because it is quicker and cheaper way of helping your family find the best way forward. See our information page on what is MIAM

Family Mediation Process


It doesn’t matter where you live in England, we can help your family sort things out through mediation without battling things out in the courts.

Mediation can be over Zoom video. All you’ll need is a computer, tablet or smartphone with a webcam, a reliable Internet connection and somewhere private to meet.

We take the stress out of this for you by organising the meeting and sending you the link to simply click. We can offer shuttle mediation in some circumstances.

Subject to your availability, we will be able to offer you an appointment within 5 working days with a qualified mediator.

Read our helpful guide to successfully meeting online.