Online Mediation

Mediating Arrangements for the Children

Our team of professionally qualified Family Mediators have over 80 years collective experience in family mediation, helping you to get a solution to meet the needs of your children.

All our mediators are accredited Family Mediators qualified and registered to undertake MIAMs and pre court Mediation.

When we are trying to mediate for children and matters we will typically discuss;

  • where the children will live – residence
  • how care will be shared between parents – contact and residence
  • arrangements for school holidays and special events throughout the year such as Christmas
  • the best way for parents to communicate about issues concerning your children
  • how both parents can best support the children both financially and emotionally
Online Mediation

Family Mediation helps you as the parents to stay in control over the decisions for your children, without the need for these decisions to be settled through solicitors or in court. Even if your case has already gone to court, its not too consider mediation.

Mediation Information and Assessment Meetings (MIAMs)

Divorce is a stressful process and the first step in resolving things between you when you aren’t able to reach agreement between yourselves, is to attend a Mediation Information and Assessment Meetings, often referred to as a MIAM. If you are to going to take your case to court it is a legal requirement in most cases to have attended a MIAM. The other person named in the divorce is also expected to attend a MIAM, but this won’t be the same meeting as you.

A MIAM must be conducted by a mediator who is accredited by the Family Mediation Council (FMC). All of our mediators have many years’ experience, and all have the necessary professional memberships and qualifications to sign the required forms for court should mediation not be suitable or breakdown.

Financial Mediation

It is also not unusual for people to mediate to agree on the grounds for their divorce.

We regularly see people are struggling with this, particularly when people do not wish to wait the 2 years separation and where one person is siting unreasonable behaviour. Mediation can ease conflict between you if the reasons for the breakdown of the marriage are agreed in advance together, avoiding any unpleasant surprises when the divorce petition is received by the respondent.

Even if you or your ex don’t feel ready to mediate right away, when you consider the financial and emotional costs of taking your divorce to court, mediation should be your first port of call where we can provide you with all the information you may need and signpost you for legal advice at the right time.

What does it cost?

MIAM £108 inc vat

All our fees are paid on a pay as you go basis

 1 Hour1hr 30mins1hr 45mins2hours
Consultant Mediator£144 £216£252£288
Practice Director£156£234£273£312

All fees are per person and inclusive of VAT

What Happens after Mediation?

For Children only cases the mediator will upon request provide a summary letter detailing any agreements reached. If you require a parenting plan drafted this will be discussed with you at the mediation appointment.

Following the last financial cases the Mediator will produce an open financial statement that will be used as your financial disclosure in any divorce proceedings. This document is open and will need to be signed by each of you.  The Mediator will also draft a Memorandum of Understanding or Summary letter depending on your needs, setting out any proposals/agreements reached during the mediation

If we produce a Summary letter, Open Financial Statement, Outcome Statement, Summary letter or Memorandum of Understanding at the end of a session or upon conclusion of your mediation the is a cost. Each document  is charged at £120 / hr (inc VAT) which is shared between the parties. For financial cases involving property and pensions you can expect between 2-4hrs each at the end of the mediation process if you require an OFS and MOU.

Who can Refer?

Anyone can refer themselves to mediation. You do not have to see a solicitor first. We aim to have set up the first intake and assessment meeting within 5 working days of receiving the referral.