Financial Mediation -Divorce

It is also not unusual for people to  mediate to agree on the grounds for their divorce.

We regularly see people are are struggling with this, particularly when people do not wish to was the 2 years separation and where one person is siting unreasonable behaviour. Mediation can ease conflict between you if the reasons for the breakdown of the marriage are agreed in advance together, avoiding any unpleasant surprises when the divorce petition is received by the respondent.

Even if you or your ex don’t feel ready to mediate right away, when you consider the financial and emotional costs of taking your divorce to court, mediation should be your first port of call where we can provide you with all the information you may need and signpost your for legal advice at the right time.

If you are on a low income then you are likely to be entitled to Legal Aid, which means that the cost of Family Mediation, including sorting out financial issues will be FREE via Legal Aid*. If your ex partner is eligible some of your costs will be met too.

Mediation services can assist you both in:

  • Looking at your current financial situation
  • Identify all of your assets and liabilities
  • Discuss what needs dealing with immediately so that you avoid getting into further debt
  • Explore in detail the different options each of you put forward with regard to a settlement
  • Consider how the suggested proposals will work for each of you individually and, if applicable, how it will best ensure your children’s futures
  • Arrive at an agreement that the two of you feel is fairest and is within the parameters of the law, so that your agreement on finances can be made legally binding.

In finance Family Mediation a full disclosure of finances is very important if you want to get a settlement to enable you to get divorced. We encourage you to look at options for how you might share any savings and assets that you may have between you in a way that the two of you feel is fair.

It is estimated that the cost of using solicitors and going to court on issues around finances is between £4000 and £12,000 each and takes an average 15 months compared with an average of 3 months in Mediation.

All of our Family Mediators are qualified and registered which means they are required to work within the parameters of family law and will consider with you both how the family court may deal with things. The Mediator will help you find navigate your way through the process towards finding workable solution for you both that can then be made legally binding as part of your divorce or legal separation.

Why come to us?

Over 86% of our mediation’s lead to an outcome that both people are positive about.  This means that both of you have found a settlement that you can both live with, which avoids the need for court intervention, which no one wants. All of our mediators are accredited with the Ministry of Justice to undertake Family Mediation in both financial and Children’s issues so you can be confident your in safe hands.

Agreements reached in Family Mediation can be made legally binding, the Mediator will write up any agreed proposals into a memorandum of understanding, as well as drafting a financial statement in finance and divorce cases, which you can ask your solicitor (if you have one) to check if the agreements are fair for you, helping to give you confidence that you have made good decisions.

If you are planning to get divorced in the future you can have your proposals set out in the MOU and the Open Financial statement made legally binding which can be done by yourselves, or with the help of a Solicitor and thankfully no one needs to attend court to do this.

If your eligible for Legal Aid this can also be funded by your Legal Aid certificate. Ask your Mediator who will explain to you how to do this.

Family mediation is the best choice for separating couples who want to reach an agreement quickly, fairly and more effectively without the expense and stress of Solicitors and courts.

On average going to court regarding financial issues in preparation for divorce costs £15,000 per person. Using Solicitors to try to negotiate costs between £6,000 and £12,000 per person, which often depends on your wealth.