Initial information meeting

1.5hr session*

£80 per person*

£25 Signed Court Forms (if required)

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Child Arrangements

Contact -Residence -Financial support

1.5hr session*

£120 per person

Paperwork (if required): £60 each per session

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Finance/ Divorce

Property Pensions Assets Debts

1.5hr session*

£135 per person

Paperwork fees apply, see below^

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All fees quoted are plus VAT

*Fees quoted are for a typical mediation session lasting 1.5hrs. If your mediation appointment goes on past 1.5hrs then you will be charged accordingly at £80 per person per hour. 2hrs £160 plus paperwork.

^In the majority of Financial Mediation cases the Mediator will be required to prepare an Open Financial Statement (OFS) to assist you with moving forward, this can be towards having your proposals made legally binding for example when you are trying to achieve a divorce settlement. A Memorandum of understanding (MOU) will also be required which sets out any agreed financial proposals and where also relevant child arrangements. You can expect to share the cost of  4 -6 hrs of administration across 2 mediation meetings at £40 per hour.

Children 1st Mediation is based in Plymouth and offer family mediation Plymouth, family mediation across Devon and across Cornwall. Our Somerset offices are in Bristol, Taunton and Weston Super-mare.


These prices are correct as of 1st November 2018 and may be subject to change from time to time.