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Mediating Arrangements for the Children

Our team of professionally qualified Family Mediators have over 80 years collective experience in family mediation, helping you to get a solution to meet the needs of your children. All our mediators are accredited Family Mediators qualified and registered to undertake MIAMs and pre court Mediation.
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When we are trying to mediate for children and matters we will typically discuss;
  • where and with whom the children will live – residence
  • How care will be shared between parents – sometimes referred to as contact and residence
  • Arrangements for school holidays and special events throughout the year such as Christmas and birthdays
  • Disagreements about Key decisions that may need to be made, such as secondary school options
  • the best way for parents to communicate about issues concerning your children
  • how both parents can best support the children both financially and emotionally
Family Mediation helps you as the parents to stay in control over the decisions for your children, without the need for these decisions to be settled through solicitors or in court. Even if your case has already gone to court, its not late too consider mediation.

Mediation Information and Assessment Meetings (MIAMs)

Divorce is a stressful process and the first step in resolving things between you when you aren’t able to reach agreement between yourselves, is to attend a Mediation Information and Assessment Meetings, often referred to as a MIAM. If you are to going to take your case to court it is a legal requirement in most cases to have attended a MIAM. The other person named in the divorce is also expected to attend a MIAM, but this won’t be the same meeting as you. A MIAM must be conducted by a mediator who is accredited by the Family Mediation Council (FMC) link to All of our mediators have many years’ experience, and all have the necessary professional memberships and qualifications to sign the required forms for court should mediation not be suitable or breakdown.

Financial Mediation

At children 1st Mediation we can assist you and your spouse/former partner to make important decisions about your financial future. If you have financial issues that you need to resolve following the breakdown of your relationship, mediation can help you find a solution in a cost effectively and quicker way than via the Court process which is financially and emotionally draining and often long drawn out. In Mediation the exchange of financial disclosure takes place in the first mediation meeting and then we help you to explore different options to assist you both to reach a fair and practical financial settlement. Discussions which take place in family mediation are confidential, in legal terms “Without Prejudice” however all financial disclosure exchanged is open which means that you can show the documentation to your solicitors and seek legal advice in between the mediation sessions. At Children 1st Mediation our family mediators are accredited and experienced lawyers with a years of experience in dealing with children and financial issues in mediation. As mediators we don’t take sides or give advice, but we can give you information about the band of reasonableness which is vitally important if you need  the Court to make a consent order regarding any agreement reached within the mediation setting, via your solicitors/legal advisers. Mediation can ease conflict between you if the reasons for the breakdown of the marriage are agreed in advance together, avoiding any unpleasant surprises when the divorce petition is received by the respondent. Even if you or your ex don’t feel ready to mediate right away, when you consider the financial and emotional costs of taking your divorce to court, mediation should be your first port of call where we can provide you with all the information you may need and signpost you for legal advice at the right time.

What does it cost?

MIAM £108 inc vat All our fees are paid on a pay as you go basis
1 Hour 1hr 30mins 1hr 45mins 2hours
Consultant Mediator £144 £216 £252 £288
Practice Director £156 £234 £273 £312
All fees are per person and inclusive of VAT
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What Happens after Mediation?

We achieve successful outcomes in over 85% of our Mediations so you can be sure you are in the best hands. Once mediation has concluded in Child only cases the mediator will normally provide a summary of any proposals (agreements) reached for you both. If you are mediating about finances then it would be normal for the mediator to prepare an open financial statement, which contains all the financial facts disclosed by each of you in the mediation, which is prepared alongside a memorandum of understanding or a summary letter setting out the proposals reached. In the unlikely event you don’t reach agreement on all issues during mediation then you may require a form to enable an application to court to be made. The mediator will explain this to you. *We recognise that a joint meeting isn’t always the best way to set things up and we can offer alternative options depending on your circumstances and what the mediator thinks will work best in your circumstances.

It’s never too late to mediate, even if you have already applied to court.

Legal Aid is available for mediation for everyone on a *low income mediation (irrespective of Domestic Abuse) across England. We can provide mediation to anyone in England and Wales online. During the current Covid Pandemic Face to face appointment may be available in some cases at our offices in Plymouth where we are able to provide covid safe meetings, however for the vast majority of our clients we have been doing online appointments, so if you’re in need of some help to sort out child arrangements or financial issues in preparation for divorce please get in touch.

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