“would highly recommend Mabel, she was amazing from my introduction with her joint mediation meetings as well as speaking to my children to establish their thoughts and feelings and what they would like to happen. In terms of improving the situation between their separated parents, the amount of time the staff spent to help rekindle […]

What is a MIAM?

WHAT IS A MIAM? A MIAM is a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting and is something that you will need to attend before you can consider making an application to Court in relation to any family matters. What is the purpose? The aim of the MIAM meeting is to see whether your family situation is […]

The Cost of Divorce

The cost of divorce are not only financial they also extend to emotional and psychological costs. Often people believe they need to get a solicitor to help them get what they need out of their separation and any financial resolution arising out of a prospective divorce. The cost of getting divorced need not run into […]

Why Mediation?

Mediation is a much less expensive and much less stressful option than going to court, but is that really the  reason to consider attending Mediation? The simple answer is No, it’s certainly one of the many benefits to mediation but there are many other positive reasons to consider mediation. Whether your recently separated or have […]