Children’s shoulders are not means to bare the burden of their parents decisions

The coronavirus pandemic is a stressful time for everyone. For children this means a change in their normal routine, which can be unsettling and cause some worry and anxiety. It is generally best for children to have consistency and structure to their days and weeks. This provides them with a senses of security and stability, which we all need. It isn’t always easy to re-assure children, especially when we are feeling anxious ourselves. If you and your child parent are separated it is important to try to communicate with one another about how you planned to work together at the difficult time, and communication is key to achieving this.

If you can’t communicate with one another then we can help you to have those difficult conversations.  In mediation we don’t take sides, make judgements or tell you what to do. We help you discuss the issues, identify and explore different options and find your own way forward.

At Children 1st we help you sort things out amicably. Remember the only people who can decide if your situation is suitable for mediation is a registered professional mediator.

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