Why Mediation?

Mediation is a much less expensive and much less stressful option than going to court, but is that really the  reason to consider attending Mediation?

The simple answer is No, it’s certainly one of the many benefits to mediation but there are many other positive reasons to consider mediation. Whether your recently separated or have been separated for a long time, when things are not working well for you or your child or children then it’s time to take look at what’s going wrong and work out together how things can be made better for all of you.

What we know and hear directly from the families we have worked with is that it has provided them with some of the following:-

  • A constructive approach, avoiding lengthy and costly legal action
  • A chance to iron out misunderstandings and clarify issues
  • Improved communication between the two of you
  • An opportunity to sort things out in a non-intimidating atmosphere
  • A way of reducing the stress and anxiety that can come with the end of a relationship
  • A means of making your own decisions
  • Less costly than going through the courts in both financial and emotional terms.

One client recently told us that it has been the best thing that has happened in their family in years. That they hadn’t spoken so much for such a long time and could not believe the difference that it had made in only one meeting.

It is helpful to know that when a case has to go to Court, costs can quickly rise to many thousands of pounds – and will take much longer to sort out, many people end up in mediation at the end of the court process. Sometimes they are feeling more hurt and angry than they were before they started.

When saving court fees is the only reason you can come up with to consider mediation as an alternative then you should still consider giving it a try. Arrange to meet with a qualified mediator who can help you find out more about how mediation might be able to help you personally to solve the issues in your family.

It is estimated that solicitors’ costs in relation to negotiating between the two of you and dealing with court proceedings can be:

  • in respect of arrangements for children, around £1500 to £3000
  • for property and financial issues, between £3000 and £6000

Average length of time to resolve issues through:

  • Mediation – average 3 months
  • The courts – 15 months

Don’t get me wrong there is a place for courts, but that is really only in exceptional circumstances, and sometimes when one person is really closed to the idea of finding  a solution then we might have to say that perhaps it would be better for to tell them what they need to do. We never really believe that to be true but sometimes that really is the only option.


Mabel Edge

24th October 2018